As in many other fields, our country is hosting very valuable and professional institutions in the field of cosmetic products design and production. That Factories feed European, Asian and African markets as well as the local markets. A big amount of famous world brands design and produce their own products in such kind of valuable companies and present them to the world market. For 21th Century people, skin care, being stylish and fresh aslo looking beautiful has achieved to a very important point. Along with the need arising from all these developments, the cosmetic industry has risen rapidly and has reached a solid and indispensable point in the chemical industry. As Connecting Turkey, being aware of all these developments, we have created a brand to present to the whole world from the Turkish market. With our “Self Cream” brand, we offer you 3 skin care products as moisturizing and anti-aging cream, eye cream, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum in the first place. Our products offer women all over the world to have a healthier and fresher skin. Our products, developed for you in special R&D centers in Turkey, will enable for all people to feel happier and healthier, and most importantly, more special.

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