Connecting Turkey is the sister company of PropertyTR, which has been operating in the international real estate industry since 2014. Having been based on the trustful and sincere relationship that PropertyTR has established with its countless customers while providing consultancy services for many years, Connecting Turkey now provides consultancy services to these customers to help them develop their own businesses in Turkey. Connecting Turkey was established due to the fact that the work area had evolved into a different line of business requiring more professional organization and it aims to promote Turkey-based business branches and new business opportunities in the international arena.

Nowadays, Turkey has become a special country where countless business opportunities can be found at the international level, with its logistics advantages thanks to its geographical location, its globally-acknowledged workmanship and engineering quality, and its richness of agricultural products and raw materials from its fertile lands. It conseuquently attracts the attention of many investors around the world and results in initiatives which aim global profitability by creating branches of business in the Turkish market. Providing an opportunity to do business in almost every sector in addition the core sectors such as Healthcare, Machinery, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Construction, Furniture and Automotive, Turkey is also a country where export is strongly supported by the state. Connecting Turkey is a business consultancy company that acts as a bridge between the supply and demand parties under all these circumstances, and aims to guide its customers in the exportation of services and products from Turkey to abroad. In this context, it serves its customers with its professional team that meets all kinds of demands along with numerous Turkish companies with which it has been in close contact for years.

On which subjects should I consult Connecting Turkey?

Connecting Turkey guides you in providing the best conditions for you to trade with Turkey in areas such as Healthcare, Machinery, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Construction, Real Estate, Furniture and Healthcare Equipment. It acts as a bridge between numerous business partners operating in Turkey and entrepreneurs and business people abroad who plan to do business in Turkey. In this regard, our website is put at your disposal as a meeting table, and even as a fairground for supply and demand parties. We observe the new business opportunities in our country and presented them to you, in addition, according to your requests, research studies are carried out in Turkey with our professional team and wide network. Within this scope, financial studies, discoveries of new markets and business branches, and studies to find suitable and new import and export items are carried out for you. We also provide guidance on the support you can get from Turkey in new business branches that you have discovered in your country and aim to make a profit by. By accessing from our website to the products and services of companies in Turkey that export or aim to export, you can discover opportunities for new businesses you can introduce in your own country, or you can convey us your idea to meet with Turkish companies that have proven themselves in products and services related to your business plan.

Why Turkey?

With the emerging new world order, a rapid and radical change has taken place in the last 30 years and it has become an unquestionable fact that the global center has shifted from Europe and America to Asia. Turkey now has a very important place in this new world order geopolitically and geostrategically. Our country, located in Anatolia – an indispensable part of the old silk road – has strengthened its role as a bridge between the west and the east by keeping up with the advancing technology, and developing a flexible and innovative industry. It has become the factory of famous automotive and fast moving consumer goods manufacturers from many countries with its experienced and qualified industrial elements in the field of engineering and labor force, especially in the Tourism and Healthcare sector. For this reason, it has developed in other sub-sectors serving these core ones, and has become qualified to meet demands of any size and variety by world standards. With its significant location on the world map and young and dynamic workforce, it is home to numerous large and small enterprises that provide optimum price/performance conditions in all service and industry branches. Within this scope, it is a location and a market that must be taken into account for a new business or commerce to be established anywhere in the world.


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