28 Ekim 2021

The journey of shopping for New Year’s Eve begins with the opening of schools and continues after New Year’s Eve. In other words, it will be in your favor to fully prepare your campaigns in the next 3-4 months.

“Search trends” can guide you in order to understand consumer behavior and act on the right path for your campaigns after the New Year.

According to previous analyzes; Consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are trying to access the products more easily and they attach more importance to cost savings. Here are five ways marketers can engage with consumers who care about these factors and deliver the products and services they need:

1. Be clear
When shopping is intense, customers may want to shop at the physical store instead of online shopping. Since the opening hours of the stores may close later and open earlier during these periods, the working hours of the stores are frequently searched.

The solution: Use ad extensions that will allow your customers to easily see the days and hours your physical store is open.

2. Be easy to reach
Consumers want help when they need it while trying to complete their shopping list.

Solution: Show your local search ads on Google Maps. Thus, enable consumers to get directions to your nearest store.